Black Friday 2024 WordPress plugins & themes

Every single year we are waiting for the best discounts in WordPress land. That best time of the year is of course with Black Friday! On this special friday it doesn’t look to black for your wallet, because discounts are already going up to 50% of the normal prices of Plugins, Themes and WordPress hosting plans. 

In this list below you will find the best Black Friday deals we can find on the best WordPress plugins. W don’t create a list with all kind of rubbish in it, this is the list you want to keep an eye on during Black Friday. Enjoy, and if you spot a mistake, please let us know.

Premium WordPress hosting at a huge discount on Black Friday

Hostinger Discount Logo

Hostinger 85% off 

Siteground Discount

SiteGround 85% off

Premium WordPress themes / builders at a huge discount on Black Friday

Divi - WordPress Discount

Divi 25% off

Elementor Pro coupon code - WordPress Discount

Elementor Pro 30% off

Premium WordPress Plugins at a huge discount on Black Friday

Rankmath Pro - WordPress Discount

Rank Math 62% off

WP Rocket - WordPress Discount

WP Rocket 30% off

Gravity Forms - WordPress Discount

Gravity Forms 50% off

MainWP Discount

MainWP 25% off

WP Pool - WordPress Discount

WP Pool 85% off

WP Darkmode & Stock Sync WooCommerce

SureCart WordPress Discount

SureCart 50% off

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