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Elementor Cloud discount

For February 2023

Elementor Cloud Website - WordPress Discount
Create your best website and don’t sweat the technical stuff. Get everything you need, all in one place: Hosting, WordPress pre-installed, a world-class secure platform, and all the Elementor Pro web-creation tools you need for complete design freedom. We’ve got you covered!



Get 20% discount with this link. Valid till 3 april 2022. It seems to be for the lifetime of the contract (not only the first year), so enjoy!

FUN FACT > Elementor is the first page builder that introduced a all-in concept! 

Elementor Cloud Website - WordPress Discount 20% off
Elementor Cloud Website

More about Elementor Cloud website

Elementor Cloud Website
with Hosting built-in

Google Cloud Platform

Elementor is based on Google Cloud Platform, trusted by top-tier companies for world-class security and reliability such as SiteGround!

CDN By Cloudflare

The Content Delivery Network by Cloudflare uses distributed servers worldwide so visitors are automatically directed to the closest server.

Custom Domain Connection

You’re in total control of your domain. Connect your custom domain, set it as primary and associate your Elementor Website to your brand.

Coupon Code for Elementor Cloud discount

The 20% discount is a discount that will be added to the lifetime of your contract!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I always make use of the discount for Elementor Cloud Website?

No, this discount is only valid from 29march till 3 april 2022! Keep posted and sign up for our newsletter or bookmark this page to know when there is a bigger discount.

How do I receive the discount?

Its pretty easy, just click on the button on top of this page. It will open up a new window and you can add the discount code to your checkout!

Is there a discount coupon code for students or non-profit?

Elementor Cloud Website has never had any discounts special for students or non-profits that we know of. That said, it might happen in the future. If it happens, stay tuned and we will let you know immediatly.

Are there any good tutorials about Elementor?

There are some great tutorials around. However, most YouTubers don’t create websites for a living or use mostly Hostinger. We have found a guy that we trust 100% when it comes to website building, here is his approach on crating 5 coming soon pages for Elementor.

Is there any loyal customer discount?

Unfortuntaly no. The way hosting companies make money is with getting clients in for a very low price. After the first deal the price will go back to the normal price.

How to use the Elementor Cloud discount?

  1. Follow the link on top of this page
  2. Press on ‘buy now’
  3. Fill in the coupon code
  4. Fill in your details
  5. Place the order!
Elementor Cloud Website purchase discount

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